I Held You in My Right Hand Released

I have just released a new album entitled: I Held You in my Right Hand. Details of the release can be seen below:

In 2017 I began experiments in notating music for synthesizers…

I did this as a means to creating music that I could perform myself, though these are open pieces that could also be performed with, or by anyone else playing any kind of pitch based instrument. Each piece exists on a single page, and I have reduced written instruction and material to a bare minimum (what Cornelius Cardew might have called ‘radical simplification’).

Contained on this release are some early exercises that led me in various different directions, and I made them using a Make Noise 0 Coast, TE-OP1, Yamaha DX, Moog Mother 32, Strymon BlueSky, and a Tascam DR-44WL.

You can stream or download the album for free here.