Composer Videos

ireland england – Performed by Seán Clancy (2019)

Eleven Lines of Music Slow Down and Eventually Stop – Performed by Crash Ensemble (2017)

Schematics Book I – Performed by Seán Clancy (2017)

Fourteen Minutes of Music on the Subject of Greeting Cards – Performed by Crash Ensemble (2014)

Forty-Five Minutes of Music on the Subject of Football – Performed by Ensemble Krock in Guerrilla Studios (2014)

Neue Kraft Fühlend (Excerpt) – Performed by Quatuor Bozzini at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (2013)

Three Minutes of Music – Performed by Workers Union Ensemble at LSO St Luke’s, London (2013)

Findetotenlieder – Performed by BCMG (2012)


nowhere better than this place – performed with Andy Ingamells, CMC (2019)

this is about – performed with Andy Ingamells, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire (2019)

Beautiful Human – arranged for Katie Kim & Crash Ensemble (2016)

Wide Hand – arranged for Katie Kim & Crash Ensemble (2016)

Twenty-One Minutes of Music – Performance with Thomas Parkes at Moog Soundlab, Birmingham City University (2015)